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Whatever tree care needs you may have in Fayetteville, Bragg Tree Service can help you. We are the tree service company most home and business owners in Fayetteville, go to for their tree service needs. Our certified arborists are trained to take care of the overall welfare of your tree. Our remarkable performance is also recognized by our clients and you can see them in our reviews on Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp. We offer you only the best service from our professional staff and top-of-the-class equipment. Our top priority is to give you the kind of service you want and deserve. We take pride in our professionalism and reliability that is shown in every project that we work on. Bragg Tree Service Fayetteville NC, is the tree care you can lean on.

About Bragg Tree Service Fayetteville NC

We have certified arborists who understand the needs of your trees. Years of experience in the industry have developed our skills when it comes to tree services. Further, we will not only take care of your tree but your entire landscape as well. Your safety is our top priority. You can be assured that we are bonded, insured, and licensed. We can assure you that you will not be held liable if an unprecedented event happens while we work in your property. We have premier equipment that can handle even large-scale projects. Even when our clients prefer us not to use heavy equipment, we can still take on the job using only climbing harnesses.

Please be aware of “companies” that go door-to-door offering too-good-to-be-true deals. Most, if not all of them are not, insured, bonded, and licensed. In case of accidents, you be held legally and financially liable.  

Further, whether it is a residential or business area, we guarantee you with the best service at an economical price. We will not do as our competitors who do not show up when they say they will and not stand by their words and are difficult to communicate with.

Whether it is a small-scale or large-scale project, you can count on us to do it for you. We have the right people and the best equipment to complete the task for you.  Contact the tree removal service Fayetteville NC replies on for safe, affordable tree care.  

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    Tree Removal Fayetteville NC

    Tree removal should be the last option for your tree care. However, there are a variety of reasons your tree needs to be eliminated. If your tree is dead, rotting, diseased, or hazardous to you and your property, the best thing to do is to remove it completely. You must be aware that your homeowner’s policy will most likely deny any damage claims if they find out that tree branches are in contact with your residence. No matter what the reason is, call the tree removal Fayetteville NC depends on for professional and affordable tree service.  

    Although tree removal is not entirely complicated, it still demands skill, careful planning, and experience. You can be assured that with Bragg Tree Service, we do all these things to ensure safety and desirable outcome. We begin our tree removal process with one of our staff members coming to your home or business to inspect the tree and the work site. During the visit, we will provide you with a verbal quote including the approach we will use and the total cost of the project. Upon agreement, we will provide you with a written estimate and schedule the time and day when we will go to your place and have the project started. We will also include the equipment that we will use for the service. You can request us not to use our heavy equipment if you think it will not be necessary or if your landscape layout will not permit it. Throughout the time we are doing the job, one of our ground crews will constantly clean-up the area and ensure the safety. Our chipper will be stationed on the street to take care of debris and small branches. Once we’re done for the day, you will not see a trace of mess or dirt. We will leave your place as neat as possible. Tree removal is our top service.

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    Tree Trimming Fayetteville NC

    Many of our competitors don’t know that tree trimming and pruning is both art and science. They use alternative ways that are not really appropriate for your trees. Some of them don’t have the skills and experience to do the job correctly. Also, you have to understand that tree trimming is an aesthetic tool to restore the beauty of your tree and your landscape, in general. We have three objectives in tree trimming:

    • Eliminate dead, unsightly, and hazardous branches and limbs
    • Improve the proportion of your tree, especially if overgrown, to bring back its former beauty
    • Evaluate the overall health of your tree

    If you look around, you will realize that a lot of trees could benefit from trimming or pruning, at the least. Regular trimming can significantly improve the health and appearance of your tree.

    Almost identical to our tree removal process, we will visit your property to assess the tree to be trimmed and give you advice as to what actions need to be done to your tree. We will give you a price quote and schedule the time and date for the job to be done. We will use our heavy equipment for the job, but if the situation does not allow it, we are still able to do it with our safety harnesses. Our ground crew will take care of the debris and branches to keep the site clean. Our chipper, stationed on the street will get rid of branches and debris. When we are done, you can expect your tree to regain its beauty and health. You will be satisfied to see that your landscape looks a lot better before we trimmed your tree.

    Stump Grinding

    Picture of our employee using the yellow grinder to remove a stump in Fayetteville, NCOnce the tree removal process is done, you will be left with a tree stump in your yard. We will be more than willing to remove or grind the tree stump for you. Tree stumps are mostly eyesores and take away from the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Also, tree stumps can cause a hazard if left unattended.

    We can deal with these unwanted stumps in your yard. Whether you have a large stump or a small and shallow one, we will remove it for you. If you also removed your tree on your own or had it removed by another tree care company, you can still count on us to remove the stump for you.

    We will come to your business or residence to evaluate the stump to be removed. We will offer you a price estimate and set a schedule when we will complete the job. You can count on us to leave your vicinity as if we were never there. The only thing that will change will be the stump that is no longer visible in your yard. Further, we provide services in sod laying and grass seeding. We offer these services at an affordable price.

    Some homeowners opt to remove the stump by themselves, but it can be dangerous and challenging, so professional help will not hurt. We have the skill, the experience, and the equipment to free your yard of that tree stump. We can also recycle the chips in an environmentally-friendly approach. We can either use it as mulch or firewood. Let us help you transform your yard by removing that unsightly stump.

    Stump grinding can be considered a messy job. Our team will do our best to lessen the mess and do the job as smoothly as possible. Our staff will clear the site and set tarpaulins to lessen the risk of harm to gardens near the stump to be ground.

    In removing a stump, we will use an excavator to totally dig the main root system. This kind of method is mostly used if additional foundation work is needed in the location and the ground needs to be free from roots. Stump removal is typically done for industrial property development projects. Nevertheless, we can help you assess the situation and give you the service needed.

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    Storm Damage

    No matter how sturdy a tree is, it can still be damaged by a storm and strong winds. Tree damages brought by the storm can be dangerous and unsightly. We are happy to inform you that our service never sleeps. We offer 24/7 services for tree damage resulting from terrible weather conditions. We understand how dangerous these situations can be, so we respond promptly to offer our services. Bragg Tree Service will be at your service to clean damage and felled trees, and all kinds of debris brought by the storm. We are ready and fully equipped to respond to your emergency needs.

    Our emergency service is available throughout the week, so you can be confident that we can bring back the safety and the former appearance of your property.

    Storms can be damaging not only to trees but also to power lines. Casualties and property damage usually follow given this situation. We try to avoid these unfortunate events by being available 24/7 to send immediate help. Further, our company has a good working relationship with almost all insurance companies to help you with your insurance policy coverage.

    Give us a call for any emergency tree work you have.  Tree removal service Fayetteville NC uses when strong storms affect the area.  

    Lot & Land Clearing

    Bragg Tree Service can take on all types of tree service, even lot clearing. This type of Picture of a land clearing using large machinery to clear the debris in Fayetteville, NClarge-scale project is best done by the professionals. Our premier equipment will make this possible for us. Whether it is your backyard or a commercial land development that you want to be clear, Bragg Tree Services will be happy to help you. Our approach is no different from the other services we offer. We take care of the tree one at a time. We will complete the job as fast and as efficient as possible.

    Call us for all your lot clearing needs. We are equipped and ready to help you with your concern.

    Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

    We provide wood chipping services for clients who want to dispose of small to medium-sized branches and limbs. We can handle 6″ diameter of the brush. Also, we can either take the wood chips away or put them anywhere in your property.

    Other Services

    We take pride in our complete arboriculture services for all your tree care needs. Arboriculture is the management, research, and cultivation of different tree species. When hiring a tree service company, consider the breath and depth of their tree care service offerings.  We offer pest control, planting, shaping, pruning, and consulting services. In addition, we have the following services to offer:

    • Bracing and Cabling
    • Tree Planting
    • Wood Chipping
    • Tree Fertilization
    • Consulting
    • Brush removal
    • Tree Mulching
    • Commercial and Residential Service
    • Contact us for a quality and affordable tree care service.
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