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Frequently Asked Questions

Bragg Tree Service provides a comprehensive range of tree care services, including lot clearing, emergency storm cleanup, tree removal, trimming, and pruning.

Several signs indicate a tree might need removal, such as extensive damage from pests or disease, structural instability, or if it poses a safety hazard to your property or surrounding structures.

The cost of tree removal varies based on factors like tree size, location, and complexity of the job. Our team will provide a free estimate after assessing your specific requirements.

While it’s possible to perform basic trimming on small trees, we recommend hiring professionals for larger trees or more complex pruning tasks to ensure safety and optimal results.

Stump grinding is the process of utilizing specialized machinery to grind the stump and its root system below the surface of the ground. This process effectively removes the stump and allows for replanting or landscaping in the area.

Of course, we provide clearing lot services for businesses and homes alike. With the right tools and expertise, our crew can remove trees, undergrowth, and other vegetation fast.

After a storm, damaged or fallen trees pose a significant risk to property and safety. Our emergency storm clean up services ensure quick and safe removal of fallen trees, branches, and debris.

Yes, we are completely licensed and insured, giving assurance that our services are conducted by skilled professionals who focus on ensuring safety and quality.

Yes, we offer comprehensive tree health assessments to identify issues such as pest infestations, disease, or structural concerns. Based on the assessment, we provide recommendations for care or removal if necessary

To schedule a tree service, simply contact our team through our website or by phone. We’ll set up a convenient time for an assessment and provide a detailed plan and estimate for the required services.

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