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Land Clearing

Lot clearing is generally a large-scale project. We, at Bragg Tree Services, have all the necessary equipment, not to mention the skills to perform this type of clearing job. Whether it is a small scale project like in residential areas or large scale tasks like that of industrial or commercial development, we can expertly handle the job. Given our experience and knowledge, we can clear lands more efficiently than our competitors. We work hand in hand with residential developers in Fayetteville, so you can trust that our service is beyond compare. We are most homeowners and business owners’ top choice when it comes to their lot clearing needs.

With residential lot clearing, we work together with residential builders and commercial developers with subdivision clearing jobs. We offer all the other tree services we have when we do lot clearing. We also add to our manpower due to the demand for productivity for this kind of large-scale projects. We will also need to use heavy equipment on the job.

About Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

There are some cases when our clients did their own tree trimming or pruning. However, the pile of limbs and branches can be overwhelming for them. Some of this trash can be collected by the weekly trash service. But if there is too much debris, it is better to call professionals to handle it.

We utilize our chippers when we do tree removal, trimming and pruning services, but we also offer individual chipper service to our clients who took care of their own tree service. Our chipping service includes the hauling the debris from any part of your property to our chippers situated on the street. We do not wheel chippers in a yard because it can damage the lawn and landscape planting.

We provide free wood chipping estimate. The price quote largely depends on the volume of the brush and tree debris. One of the greatest benefits of hiring Bragg Tree Service is that we can eliminate the wood chips per your request. We can also get these wood chips and scatter them around your landscape to serve as natural mulch. Whatever your request is, Bragg Tree Service will be more than willing to do it for you.

    Wood Chips and Mulch

    We also have wood chips for the purpose of mulching. Mulch is the result of wood chipping activities such as stump grinding. Wood chips are best to use as mulch and firewood. We sell wood chips by the cubic yard. Give us a phone call today and we will give you a free estimate on pick-up or delivery.

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