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About Tree Removal

Tree removal is a job that needs professional attention. Mature and large trees demand proper equipment and skills for it to be done correctly. At Bragg Tree Service, tree removal is our premier service. It is also the most complex tree service that we do. Although removing trees is not entirely difficult, performing them requires skill and planning.

We have been in the business of removing trees for a long time now. We have virtually removed trees of all sizes and species in our years of service. The process of removing the tree begins with us giving you a free quote. During our visit, we will evaluate the tree to be removed, its size, and any other fixed structure that can be a challenge for us when we perform the job.

We will make sure that we do the task with the utmost care and efficiency. Each tree requires a unique approach. Take the locust tree and the oak tree as examples. These two species of trees require a different approach because of factors like their trunks.

It is also during our visit that we will ask you if you have any additional requests or instructions when we begin the removal process. We will provide you with the estimate right there and then help you decide on the job’s schedule. You will be impressed with how efficiently and smoothly we will complete the project. You can trust Bragg Tree Service to give you only the best tree care service.

Tree Removal Fayetteville

The removal process begins with one of our staff members designating certain tasks for each crew. Typically, our team consists of the ground crew, branch cutters, and lead lumberman. We will prepare the area for the removal. Whether we will use heavy equipment or not depends on the type of tree and the nature of the job.

We will place the equipment and ensure easy access from the location to the street where the chipper is situated. The process of removing the tree is from the top down. This is the approach we take to make sure that the tree is sectioned into manageable sizes, whatever the equipment we use.

We begin with the tree’s canopy and cut the branches, then put them safely on the ground. We keep the location clean and free of debris during the entire process. We will continue with the process, branch after branch until we only have the main trunk.

We then start to cut the trunk into manageable sizes for removal. After the process, you will be left with only the tree stump. Some of our clients leave it that way and do not remove the stump to save money and time.

Once we are done with the tree removal, you will be surprised to see that there are no traces of us being there. The only thing that will go missing is your tree.

    Residential Tree Removal

    As a leading residential tree removal company, we provide prompt and professional service at a competitive cost. Our experienced team handles tree limb removal and can also address root removal if necessary. We are accessible around the clock to guarantee your safety and safeguard your belongings in an emergency. Put your trust in us to take care of your residential tree removal needs effectively and securely, giving you peace of mind during trying times.

    Commercial Tree Removal

    When it comes to commercial tree removal, our professional tree removal service is unmatched. We offer affordable and cheap tree removal solutions without compromising on quality. Our team of tree experts is well-versed in safely removing branches and trees of all sizes, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Trust our dedicated team to provide the highest level of service and expertise for all your commercial tree removal needs.

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