The first thing you should know about hiring a tree service company is why do you need them in the first place?

A tree service company is usually needed in the following situations:

  • The tree is sick
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree planting

Most property owners are inexperienced in the area of tree service, not to mention they don’t own the equipment necessary for the job. For this reason, hiring a tree service company is a crucial next step to ensure the health of your trees. But how do you choose the best people to perform the job?

What you should ask a tree care company

Here are some questions that can help you determine whether a tree company is fit for the job or not.

How long have they been in business?

As much as possible, choose a seasoned company over a novice tree service. Be wary of those companies that go door-to-door soliciting your business because they can be con artists wanting to get your money without providing the service you paid for. Only deal with qualified and reputable companies.

Do they have paid certified arborists in-house?

You should select a tree service that employs at least two certified arborists to ensure that the job is done correctly.

How can they minimize the damage to your property?

A qualified company will not have a difficult time answering this question. It is a crucial part of their job to keep you and your property safe, so they must be able to tell you how they plan to do it. You should look for clear, straight-to-the-point answers from them. The tree service should at least use plywood to keep your yard protected from debris.

What equipment will they utilize?

You should choose a tree company that has all the equipment necessary for tree services such as a crane, a chainsaw, and a truck. They should also wear personal protective gear to keep them safe throughout the process.

Are they insured?

Tree work is hazardous, which is why you should hire a company that can cover for any damage or loss in case of an accident while they work in your property. Make sure to obtain a contract that outlines every detail of the job, including their proof of insurance.

Are they licensed and certified?

A license is critical in determining whether a tree company is reliable or not. They should be able to tell you their license number and show you proof of their credentials anytime you ask for them.

Can they provide referrals?

Any reputable company will be able to give you a list of their happy customers. You can contact their previous clients or read reviews online to give you an idea of their work as well as their customer service.

How to Hire a Tree Service

Research. Ask relevant questions about the service you require. Look for their license, certification, and insurance. Maximize your resources and the use of the internet to make sure you are not making the wrong decision of hiring the wrong company.

Get an estimate. A qualified tree service company will give you a free estimate without hesitation. Don’t settle for the first company you contact, instead try to obtain at least three estimates from different companies so that you can compare the cost and the scope of the service.

Choose your tree service. Once you’ve done your research and obtained free estimates, you can now choose the company that best fits your needs. You don’t always have to settle at the lowest price because they don’t always assure the best service. Instead, look for the average cost and quality work.