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About Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

There are some cases when our clients do their tree trimming or pruning. However, the pile of limbs and branches can be overwhelming for them. Some of the debris can be collected by the weekly trash service. However, if there is an excessive amount, it is better to call our tree clean up professionals to handle it

We utilize our chippers when we do tree removal, trimming, and pruning services, but we also offer individual chipper services to clients who have already removed their trees themselves but need the debris chipped and hauled away. Our shipping service includes hauling the debris from any part of your property to our chippers situated on the street. We do not use wheel chippers in a yard because they can damage the lawn and landscape planting.

We provide free wood chipping estimates. The price quote largely depends on the volume of the brush and tree debris. One of the greatest benefits of hiring Bragg Tree Service is that we can eliminate the wood chips per your request. We can also get these wood chips and scatter them around your landscape to serve as natural mulch. Whatever your request is, Bragg Tree Service will be more than willing to do it for you.

Wood Chips and Mulch

Wood chips and mulch are two types of organic materials used in landscaping and gardening. They both provide several benefits to plants and soil, but they are used for different purposes. Here is a detailed explanation of both materials:

Wood Chips:

Wood chips are tiny fragments of wood that come from branches, trunks, or other woody substances. Usually, they are employed to protect the area surrounding plants, trees, and shrubs, and they have multiple functions:

  • Suppression of Weeds: Wood chips serve as a barrier that stops weeds from growing by obstructing sunlight from reaching the soil. This assists in minimizing the necessity for hand weeding and stops weeds from vying with plants for essential nutrients and water. 


    • Retention of Moisture: Wood chips help keep the soil moist by decreasing the amount of water that evaporates from the soil. This is especially advantageous in hot and arid regions, as it assists plants in thriving despite drought conditions.
    • Improving the Soil: Over time, the decomposition of wood chips in the soil results in the release of nutrients, which enhances both the quality and fertility of the soil. This results in a more favorable environment for the growth and flourishing of plant roots.
    • Erosion Management Wood chips protect soil from erosion by creating a barrier that keeps the soil in place during extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or wind.


    Mulch is a general term that includes any substance, whether organic or not, that is utilized to cover the surface of the soil. It is possible to create it using a range of materials such as wood chips, leaves, grass clippings, straw, and even rocks or rubber. Mulch has multiple functions:

    • Suppression of Weeds: Similar to wood chips, mulch aids in inhibiting weed growth by obstructing sunlight from reaching the soil.
    • Retention of Moisture: Mulch aids in keeping soil moisture by minimizing evaporation, much like how wood chips do.
    • Soil Thermal Control: Mulch serves as a natural barrier that helps regulate soil temperature, keeping it cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.
    • Erosion Management: Mulch acts as a barrier that shields the soil surface from the effects of rain and wind, thus helping to prevent soil erosion.
    • Improving the Soil: When organic mulches decompose, they contribute organic material to the soil, enhancing its texture and nutrient content.

    Overall, both wood chips and mulch are valuable materials that provide numerous benefits to plants and soil in landscaping and gardening applications. They help suppress weeds, retain moisture, improve soil quality, and prevent erosion. Depending on the specific needs of a garden or landscape, either wood chips or mulch can be used to achieve these benefits.

    We have wood chips for mulching. Mulch is the result of wood chipping activities such as stump grinding. Wood chips are best used as mulch and firewood. We sell wood chips by the cubic yard. Give us a call today, and we will give you a free estimate on pick-up or delivery.

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